Guide line For Use of CBD – What is strength? and Which dosage?

Guide line For Use of CBD - What is strength? and Which dosage?

You are the best user manual yourself. If you start using CBD oil, you can try the best, vary the dosage and listen carefully to your own body. CBD Review gives you a guide so that you come to the most effective relationships. Based on experiences, we provide insight into strengths, dosage, use and any side effects.

What strength?

The strength of the CBD oil that you should use can vary. The strength of a CBD oil is the concentration of CBD in a product. This varies from 2.5% to 25%. The higher the percentage, the higher the concentration. In a 10 ml bottle with 5% CBD oil is 500 mg CBD. Based on our experiences and those of our customers, we have made the following scale:

2.5% – 5% I Light variant / Nutritional supplement
For children and pets it is good to maintain a strength between 2.5% and 5%. This strength is also extremely suitable for use as a food supplement.

 5% – 10% I Average strength
The strength of 5% to 10% is the most common. This strength is often used if a strength of 2.5% to 5% is not sufficient. This strength can also be used perfectly as a daily dietary supplement.

10% – 25% I Heaviest variant
If a strength of 5% to 10% proves to be insufficient, you can consider using a CBD oil with a strength of 10% to 25%. This is also our strongest range of CBD oil products.

Since it is sometimes difficult to find the right CBD oil, we offer you a free and non-binding personal advice . On the basis of the data you have entered, we will work with you to see which CBD product best suits your needs.

Which dosage?

Everyone reacts differently to CBD oil. Therefore, start with 1 drop per intake moment. Then slowly build up the quantity until the desired result is achieved. Listen to your body and feel calm when you think you have found the right dose. We recommend that you use the standard dosage for approximately 1.5 weeks before you decide to increase the dosage. CBD needs some time to work optimally.

Based on experience, CBD Review has drawn up a number of general guidelines. You can contact us before use for a personalized advice .

CBD oil dosage?


Give the use of CBD time. You achieve the best effect after a longer period of continuous use.

You can start with the following standard dosage:

2 – 3 drops after breakfast 
2 – 3 drops after the evening meal

Keep this dosage for 3 weeks. Do you then have the feeling that this dosage is better for you? Then double the number of drops per intake moment, or opt for a higher concentration of CBD oil. The maximum dose of CBD oil varies per product. All CBD products from The CBD Company also have an additional explanation about the dosage on the package.

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CBD oil is not a substitute for prescribed medication and we therefore advise you to properly inform you about CBD oil at a doctor before you start using it. CBD oil is a dietary supplement and therefore not a substitute for medication. We cannot and do not want to make medical claims for products with CBD. This is laid down in European legislation and these laws apply to all producers, stores and web shops. Nutritional supplements are an addition to a sporty and healthy lifestyle. The basis is good nutrition & sufficient exercise.

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