The difference between CBD Oil and CBD Oil RAW

We often get the question what the difference is between CBD oil and CBD oil RAW . Since CBD is available in many shapes and sizes, we can imagine that the various CBD products can cause confusion. That is why we explain in this article what exactly the difference is between CBD oil and CBD oil RAW.

Both CBD oils are made based on the hemp plant. The big difference between CBD oil and CBD oil RAW is in the extraction process. The extraction process is the way in which the CBD substance is extracted from the plant. The difference between CBD Oil and CBD Oil RAW is also in the application and operation of the oil.

Regular CBD oil

With regular CBD oil, only the tops of the plant are used as the basis. The buds are removed from the plant and then heated. The CBD is separated from the plant material by Ethanol. Thanks to the heating, only the substance CBD remains in the form of CBD paste. All other plant-specific substances are lost.

The taste of regular oil is generally perceived as more pleasant than that of CBD oil RAW. Where the CBD Oil RAW often tastes bitter, the regular CBD oil has a softer taste.

Features of regular CBD oil summarized:

  • Contains only CBD and no other plant-specific substances.
  • The oil is extracted by a heating process.
  • Softer in taste than CBD oil RAW (Nutty flavor)


For making CBD Oil RAW, not only the top of the plant is used as with regular CBD oil, but the entire plant. CBD oil RAW is extracted by means of CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction is a process where no heating and no solvents are used. As a result, other important and natural plant substances such as CBC, CBN, CBD-A and CBG are left behind in addition to CBD. Because more natural substances are left behind, the CBD Oil RAW is a versatile CBD variant.

Features of CBD oil RAW summarized:

  • Is extracted by means of cold CO2 extraction
  • Sometimes a bit thicker and syrupy in structure
  • In addition to CBD, it also contains other important plant-specific substances such as CBD-A
  • The taste is more bitter than regular CBD oil

Do you want to know more about CBD oil RAW? Then read our article ” CBD oil RAW Explanation “. In this article we will elaborate on the operation, applications and benefits of a CBD oil RAW product.

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