What is CBD oil RAW


CBD oil has many different types including CBD oil RAW.  A CBD oil RAW is a CBD oil which is produced in a different way. Regular CBD oil is made by heating the plant material during pressing. With a CBD oil RAW, the plant material is cold pressed. Below you can read more information about the benefits and the applications of a CBD oil RAW. Do you have questions about which CBD oil suits you best? We like to help you! Enter your question or objective about CBD in Personal Advice, and one of our employees will guide you in selecting the right product that fits your situation.


CBD stands for Cannabidiol. This substance is found in the industrial fiber hemp plant. The branches of this plant are often used to make clothing or ropes for example. The buds and leaves of the plant are often used to make food supplements, such as CBD oil. This plant is free from psychoactive substances. You will therefore not get high or stoned by the use.

Extraction of CBD oil RAW

CBD can be extracted from the fiber-hemp plant in various ways. With a CBD oil, mainly heated extraction is used. By heating the plant material, only the CBD substance remains. All other plant-specific substances that can also contribute to CBD are lost as a result. In contrast, a CBD oil RAW uses cold extraction. Because the plant is pressed under very cold conditions, other essential and natural plant substances, such as CBN, CBG and CBD-a , remain in addition to CBD . The combination of all plant-own substances provides a versatile nutritional supplement.

Benefits of a CBD oil RAW

The CBD fabric has many applications. But other components of the non-psychoactive fiber hemp plant, such as CBN, CBG and CBD-A , also have many properties. For example, a CBD oil RAW can serve as an all-round nutritional supplement. Do you want to know more about the applications of CBD?

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CBD oil is not a substitute for prescribed medication and we therefore advise you to properly inform you about CBD oil at a doctor before you start using it. CBD oil is a dietary supplement and therefore not a substitute for medication. We cannot and do not want to make medical claims for products with CBD. This is laid down in European legislation and these laws apply to all producers, stores and web shops. Nutritional supplements are an addition to a sporty and healthy lifestyle. The basis is good nutrition & sufficient exercise.

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